Who says blondes have more fun?

As always, we had a very exciting and busy day on set and in the office!  Fortunately some of my favorite girls in the biz stopped by to shoot some amazing scenes that are sure to become fan favorites.  And by “fan” I mean myself ofcourse :).  What I love about the women that we shoot is the true variety and I always find something attractive and beautiful about everyone.  I love how the female form and anatomy can differ so greatly from body to body.  I find all different shapes, sizes and ethnicity’s beautiful in their own way.  I believe that’s why men love porn so much.  You get to appreciate a variety of women guilt free!  Porn is a healthy way for you to satisfy your natural instincts with out the drama or risk.  If your lady-friend gives you shit for watching porn, send her my way and I will set her straight!

On a lighter note, I’m really happy to see Emma Cummings back on set with us. I loved her bookworms scene from a while ago and can’t wait to see how her scene today comes out.  Emma has the most gorgeous hair and cute little body and she looks like a doll sitting on the floor waving to us!


Her scene was shot in the loft area of a mansion in LA.  I really liked the set up with this scene, I think visually this is going to look awesome, well in more ways than one :) .

Ha! The BTS camera caught ya! (again)

Yesenia, you work so hard!

Yes! Mason Moore was back on set with us today.  I don’t think I can get enough of this girl.  I love everything about her, her boobs, her hair, her tats, her raspy voice – you name it!  I just don’t understand why she doesn’t return my phone calls :(

Seriously, she is so hot! I think I have a girl crush on her.

Madelyn Marie is one of my new favorite girls to Naughty America.  I love her long hair and how soft and pretty she looks.  She has effortless beauty and I loved her My Sisters Hot Friend scene.   If you haven’t checked out Madelyn yet, now is the time to add her to your spank bank.

Favorite scene released last week was by far Alexis Silver in My First Sex Teacher.  I love her Brittish accent! There is something really hot about accents and dirty talk, not to mention this lady can deep throat to the base fellas :) .  So if you haven’t checked this scene out yet, be sure to!