Brown Sugar+No Hangover= Awesome

The Hang Over God’s were in my favor this morning after I celebrated my Thirsty Thursday and $4 martini night.  It’s truly odd to wake up feeling great after a martini night and I was grateful that I managed to down two glasses of water, aspirin and a piece of bread before going to bed last night.  That is my secret recipee for preventing a hangover.  Sometimes, if I know I’m going big on a night, I will set these items up on the nightstand next to my bed before I leave the house, just extra insurance that I actually go through with my hangover prescription. I even made it to the gym this mornign and ran into Mahlia Milian!

Okay, so I didn’t go to the gym this morning, who am I kidding, but Mahlia did join us today on location for an Athletics scene!!  Some of you may remember her from a recent webcamshow?  This was Mahlia’s first scene with us and trust me, I don’t think this will be the last of her on NA.  And who’s camera phone is that, taking pictures of her for his own library? Well that would be her co-start Johnny Sins, lol! 

Just sitting on the floor, checking her make-up and being stalked by our behind the scenes camera.

I know I had Veronika Raquel on the blog yesterday, but these pics of her from set just came in for another scene she shot for us.  I couldn’t help but share them with you because she looks so hot in her lingerie! Lucky for you guys this is shot in a POV style for Housewife1on1- and let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to be married to this hottie?

This out fit she’s wearing is so hot! I love how it comes up to her neck and opens at her chest and midriff.  Also, please note the come f*** me heels she is wearing.  This girl knows what she’s doing and she’s not afraid to do it.

How many of you had a teacher as hot Felony Foreplay?  The hottest teacher (male or female) I had in school was Miss Gordon- she happened to be a former Charger Cheerleader and even proved it by doing the splits on the first day of class- while wearing a skirt!! It was hilarious to me, and all the adolescent boys in the class fell in love.

Also, please note the math equations on the board.  Free t-shirt to the first 5 ppl that solves them- vanessa@naughtyamerica.com

After Lavish Styles‘ great work in part 5 of Lazos de Amor, I was excited to see her return for a Bookworm’s scene.  She is such a pretty girl and has such gorgeous natural boobs.  I love it when girls in the industry opt out of plastic surgery, there is a lot to be said for natural beauty.

I recently started taking night classes and my first thought was, what if I have a hot professor that tries to seduce me into earning a higher GPA? Then I decided that I think about porn way too much and that it has started to filter over into my ”civilian” life and then I felt kind of weird.  Then I remembered that the whole point of porn is to conjure up fantasies which is totally normal and healthy.  My professor fantasy was quickly squashed the first day I got to my classes though :), at least I can always count on Naughty Bookworms!

Well guys, time flies around here! It’s Friday again and we are off for the weekend:(.  But don’t fret!  We will be back Monday with some really good stuff to help you get through the week!  Everyone be sure to take it easy over the weekend and thanks for stopping by!