It's Good!!! Parking tickets….Bad.

Stupid City of San Diego can suck a fat one.  Isn’t always more fun to blame the city or the meter maid when you get a parking ticket, so much more convenient than admitting you were at fault and actually learn something from it.  Being a meter maid can’t be a fun job, it’s like being a tow truck driver or working at the DMV, the general population pretty much loathes you and on top of that you have to drive around in a clown car that flashes lights, calling more attention to you than you already wanted in the first place.  In a nutshell my Dr’s appointment today cost me an extra $55 big ones, yaaay! 

Speaking of big ones, CJ Wright joined Sarah Vandella on set today and she is the owner of those very sexy shoes.  Sarah’s in what I like to call, “Field Goal Position” and it’s good my friends.  As you can see CJ Wright gave it his stamp of approval with the ubiquitous ‘thumbs up’.

It must be a boy thing to wear black socks and shorts, personally I don’t get it. But Sarah doesn’t seem to mind, she is patiently waiting for the crew to finish getting set up for her Naughty Office scene.

I am so excited that we shot Riley Ray again, this time in her own scene.  After I saw her on the LIVE webcam I fell in love!  Here she is taking care of official business before the shoot starts.

Party on Dave, our sound guy throws up some love, while multi tasking holding the mic for Riley and Allan’s FTNA scene.

London Keys also stopped by to shoot her first NA scene, a Naughty Bookworms episode that will be up soon.  She has also graced us with her presence on the LIVE show and is as cute as a button. What I really like about London is that she is such a subtle Asian influence in her eyes and a cute smile – well when she isn’t making a silly face.

Tommy, one of our directors, is licking the salt off of nuts (LOL) and creepily gazing at one of our camera guys.  Man love is a beautiful thing.

That’s a wrap – and one hell of a tan line on Tom Byron’s cheeks. I wonder if he wears a whitey tighties in the tanning bed, or sports a speedo at the beach?  Thank God London’s side boob is hot.

Today was a great day on set and as always a great day in the office.  We had gorgeous girls joining us and I am officially contributing to the San Diego Pot Hole Filling Fund by sending in my parking ticket fines.  Until next time, stay classy Naughty Americans!