Alot of first timers, no Dayquil in sight.

What is it about Dayquil that is so amazing?  Is it becuase you can feel sick as a dog, chug some of this magical concoction and be able to get through the day with out keeling over? Maybe that’s exactly what is so amazing about it.  I have had a cold for 3 days now, yet for some reason refuse to take my lazy ass to the pharmacy to pick some up.  Even when I am not feeling optimal, Naughty America is there to help me feel better, and today was no exception! 

Today was again, a very busy day on set with split crews shooting all over the studios.   We welcomed quite a few girls who have never shot for us, and trust me, you are all in for a treat!  We had a little bit of everything today from the sexy older woman, Janet Mason to the sweet red head, Megan Murray.

Introducing Janet Mason in her Naughty America debut for My First Sex Teacher.  Here she is on set checking up on things with her iPhone during some downtime. I wonder what ring tone she has on her phone?

Tommy was directing her scene today with Chris Johnson.  Here Tommy is helping to set up the classroom complete with facts about Vietnam.  I have to give it to him and his attention to detail, looking up credible info and putting on the board and all. See, you can watch porn and learn something!!

He Chris! No cell phones in class!!  Here Tommy is giving the duo direction on where to take the scene.

Janet and another new comer, Megan Murray, are here chatting in-between scenes.  Megan Murray’s first scene with us is a Naughty Bookworms.  She has perfect porcelain skin and fiery red hair, a killer combination in my book.

And how cute are her lil’ tiny kitty nipples? (thats what I call really small nipples, or mosquito bites if you will)

Ahryan Astyn also joined us, shooting her second scene with NA.  She is so hot, it’s not even funny.  Here she is applying some last minute touches to her makeup and I’m pretty sure she isn’t wearing pants, lol.  I am very proud of Eric for maintaing his eye contact.  Ahryan was also on the webcam Monday, hopefully you didn’t miss it!

Another beautiful girl, Tera Dice was also shooting her first scene with us today.  She is so gorgeous, I love her long wavy hair and natural beauty. Here she is with Anna, one of our Production Managers, taking care of her paperwork.

All of these girls shot amazing scenes today, I can’t wait for them to go live, especially Janet Mason’s, she is the perfect sexy older woman.  She is really dominating and definitely knows what she wants, which is really hot. Well, until next time, stay classy Naughty Americans and I’ll catch up with you tomorrow, hopefully when I am doped up on Dayquil!!