Deauxma is smokin' hot!

Did you all do your homework over the weekend? LOL. It was a fun and short weekend, full of debauchery. I swear I’m the only person that can get kicked out of a bar stone cold sober. I’m glad to be back at work though, in my normal routine with my daily dose of porn. Speaking of which, we just had the┬álegendary Deauxma on set shooting a My First Sex Teacher. I don’t know what this woman does for her diet and exercise regimen, but damn, she is in such amazing shape and her boobs are on point for sure.

I’ve never hooked up on top of a desk like this before, but it looks a little painful in this spoon position. But if Allan Stafford were behind me, I would probably just figure it out.

Tommy, one of our directors, is here with Faith Leon and Charles Dera for a bookworms shoot. I think this pic would make a great caption contest photo. The look on Faith’s face is priceless.

And here she is showing off her lovely lady bits and quite happy to be doing so it would seem.

Jessica Lynn was also on set with us, looking super hot with her long blond hair and perfect tummy. I just want to put her in my pocket, she’s so cute!

I think the rug really ties the room together personally.

Mind if I sit down? lol.

I don’t know if you guys have met Laura’s replacement yet or not. She has made a few appearances on our LIVE lunch chat, but spends most of her time in Laura’s office not doing much. Although I did find her bent over the desk one morning with no skirt on, but that was really awkward and I’m not sure I was supposed to share that or not.

Good thing Laura will be back soon because her replacement is really lazy.