Mason Moore, thigh highs and a stripper pole…

…is all I could ever hope for in my porn dreams. I would go broke watching Mason work a pole. Apparently she has some previous experience in the art of stripping, and honestly – I’m not just saying this, I can’t wait to watch her work her magic in this Housewife 1on1 scene. I fell in love with a stripper in Vegas once, she did some crazy thing where she gyrated her thigh on me, then we kissed, much like the Katy Perry song.

Anywho, heres a pic of Mason Moore on set, looking super sexy in her thigh highs and awesome ink on her arm.

POV scenes have to be kind of awkward to shoot, I mean you have to basically talk to an inanimate object (i.e. the camera) the whole time pretending its a person and the guy doesn’t talk back! So you just have a conversation with your self. Granted, I talk to my dog all the time like she speaks English, but at least she will wag her tail at me. Here is Mason taking a breather after her dance sequence.

My favorite POV scene so far is a throw back to a Gianna Michaels H101 scene from 2006 – now that girl is sexy talking to the camera.

Speaking of H101, we recently had Luscious Lopez on set filming a POV scene for us too! I forgot how cute this girl is!

Wow! I listen to my ipod when I’m banging myself with a vibrator too! I had no idea me and Luscious have so much in common!

Just in case you forgot, Luscious Lopez is the owner of an amazing ass, grrr baby grrr.

On a side note, I cut my own bangs the other day with kitchen scissors because I was too impatient to wait til my next hair appointment. Here is a pic I took in my office on my camera phone:

and no I did not ride the short bus to school, thank you very much.