Happy Hump Day!

Holy mother effing crap, we have the most epic scene in the works. We paired Shawna Lenee and Diana Doll together in a 2 Chicks Same Time. I don’t know about you, but 2CST is quickly becoming one of my favorite sites. Look how hot these girls look lying together on the bed, imagine what they are going to look like hooking up! If I were there, I would have climbed into bed with them too ;)

I seriously love Shawna Lenee, she is so cute and hot at the same time, and how gorgeous is Diana Doll with her perfect natural tits? I want to invite them to my innagural sexy dance party.

Who needs a gym membership when you are working on set with NA? Here Victoria Lawson is working up a sweat for a Naughty Athletics scene. Too bad she doesn’t jog in my neighborhood, or I might break in those new running shoes. What coordination our team displays, running backwards holding a camera steady and a boom mic. Kudos to Matt, our camera guy, for running barefoot to reduce noise – even though his feet do look like they belong to pre-VMA Britney Spears.

I like how Sergio is looking at Tommy Pistol’s tummy and not Victoria’s awesome boobs, lol, that’s great.

Again, with the mic love, so good.

Be sure to pay tribute to Hump Day guys, and don’t forget, Part 3 of Lazos De Amor featuring Vanessa Leon will be up today!! She is super cute and her first scene with us was really hot, even though she almost stabbed Will Powers in the bean bags with her huge wedding ring, lol.