I love my job.

How many people can honestly say that they love what they do? I get to work with great people everyday and experience things I never could have imagined. Who would have guessed five years ago that I would be sitting here talking about porn all day? Seriously? Our production crew is especially lucky because they are on set each day working with the people that you and I get off to.

They were very fortunate to have naturally gorgeous Faith Leon on location for a scene we shot earlier this week. Just like Julia Bond, Faith played a part in a new 6 episode series that will be released Monday, the 15th.

I wonder what it’s like to hold a camera that close to people humping?

Just another day in the life of our crew members:

We can’t forget about the adorable Scarlett Fay! She joined us for a new installment of Naughty Athletics that will be up soon. Doesn’t she make the cutest tennis player? If the tennis uniforms at my school were that hot, I might have actually tried at the tennis try outs my friend dragged me to.

Eric, one of our directors, is watching the feed from a monitor, Scarlett is going to town on Mikey Butders!

Awww, Scarlet, you are so hot, even with your goof-ball face.

I can’t wait to see both of these scenes in their entirety! Until next time, stay classy Naughty Americans!