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Who says blondes have more fun?

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As always, we had a very exciting and busy day on set and in the office!  Fortunately some of my favorite girls in the biz stopped by to shoot some amazing scenes that are sure to become fan favorites.  And by “fan” I mean myself ofcourse :).  What I love about the women that we shoot is the true variety and I always find something attractive and beautiful about everyone.  I love how the female form and anatomy can differ so greatly from body to body.  I find all different shapes, sizes and ethnicity’s beautiful in their own way.  I believe that’s why men love porn so much.  You get to appreciate a variety of women guilt free!  Porn is a healthy way for you to satisfy your natural instincts with out the drama or risk.  If your lady-friend gives you shit for watching porn, send her my way and I will set her straight!

On a lighter note, I’m really happy to see Emma Cummings back on set with us. I loved her bookworms scene from a while ago and can’t wait to see how her scene today comes out.  Emma has the most gorgeous hair and cute little body and she looks like a doll sitting on the floor waving to us!

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Brown Sugar+No Hangover= Awesome

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The Hang Over God’s were in my favor this morning after I celebrated my Thirsty Thursday and $4 martini night.  It’s truly odd to wake up feeling great after a martini night and I was grateful that I managed to down two glasses of water, aspirin and a piece of bread before going to bed last night.  That is my secret recipee for preventing a hangover.  Sometimes, if I know I’m going big on a night, I will set these items up on the nightstand next to my bed before I leave the house, just extra insurance that I actually go through with my hangover prescription. I even made it to the gym this mornign and ran into Mahlia Milian!

Okay, so I didn’t go to the gym this morning, who am I kidding, but Mahlia did join us today on location for an Athletics scene!!  Some of you may remember her from a recent webcamshow?  This was Mahlia’s first scene with us and trust me, I don’t think this will be the last of her on NA.  And who’s camera phone is that, taking pictures of her for his own library? Well that would be her co-start Johnny Sins, lol! 

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New girl on the block (or cock if you will)

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Thursdays are fun becuase I love to go to this particular sushi place after work that serves $4 martinis on this thirsty day.  There is nothing like amazing sushi and $4 martinis to get you ready for the weekend.  And there is nothing like a hot, tan, blonde to get you going!  We have welcomed alot of new faces to our Naughty family, and Veronika Raquel might be my new favorite!  She joined us for a Naughty Office scene that is going to be amazing!

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It's Good!!! Parking tickets….Bad.

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Stupid City of San Diego can suck a fat one.  Isn’t always more fun to blame the city or the meter maid when you get a parking ticket, so much more convenient than admitting you were at fault and actually learn something from it.  Being a meter maid can’t be a fun job, it’s like being a tow truck driver or working at the DMV, the general population pretty much loathes you and on top of that you have to drive around in a clown car that flashes lights, calling more attention to you than you already wanted in the first place.  In a nutshell my Dr’s appointment today cost me an extra $55 big ones, yaaay! 

Speaking of big ones, CJ Wright joined Sarah Vandella on set today and she is the owner of those very sexy shoes.  Sarah’s in what I like to call, “Field Goal Position” and it’s good my friends.  As you can see CJ Wright gave it his stamp of approval with the ubiquitous ‘thumbs up’.

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Alot of first timers, no Dayquil in sight.

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What is it about Dayquil that is so amazing?  Is it becuase you can feel sick as a dog, chug some of this magical concoction and be able to get through the day with out keeling over? Maybe that’s exactly what is so amazing about it.  I have had a cold for 3 days now, yet for some reason refuse to take my lazy ass to the pharmacy to pick some up.  Even when I am not feeling optimal, Naughty America is there to help me feel better, and today was no exception! 

Today was again, a very busy day on set with split crews shooting all over the studios.   We welcomed quite a few girls who have never shot for us, and trust me, you are all in for a treat!  We had a little bit of everything today from the sexy older woman, Janet Mason to the sweet red head, Megan Murray.

Introducing Janet Mason in her Naughty America debut for My First Sex Teacher.  Here she is on set checking up on things with her iPhone during some downtime. I wonder what ring tone she has on her phone?

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Deauxma is smokin' hot!

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Did you all do your homework over the weekend? LOL. It was a fun and short weekend, full of debauchery. I swear I’m the only person that can get kicked out of a bar stone cold sober. I’m glad to be back at work though, in my normal routine with my daily dose of porn. Speaking of which, we just had the legendary Deauxma on set shooting a My First Sex Teacher. I don’t know what this woman does for her diet and exercise regimen, but damn, she is in such amazing shape and her boobs are on point for sure.

I’ve never hooked up on top of a desk like this before, but it looks a little painful in this spoon position. But if Allan Stafford were behind me, I would probably just figure it out.

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Another week has gone by.

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We had a really busy week in the office, with Laura on her Safari – I’m sure she will be posting pics when she returns – and a full production schedule on set. Even though it has been busy we had the pleasure of welcoming some of the hottest girls to come work with us this week and Roxy Jezel was one of them. I’ve said it before, this girl is about as close to perfect as you can get and how cute does she look snuggled up on the couch before her scene?

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Mason Moore, thigh highs and a stripper pole…

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…is all I could ever hope for in my porn dreams. I would go broke watching Mason work a pole. Apparently she has some previous experience in the art of stripping, and honestly – I’m not just saying this, I can’t wait to watch her work her magic in this Housewife 1on1 scene. I fell in love with a stripper in Vegas once, she did some crazy thing where she gyrated her thigh on me, then we kissed, much like the Katy Perry song.

Anywho, heres a pic of Mason Moore on set, looking super sexy in her thigh highs and awesome ink on her arm.

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Happy Hump Day!

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Holy mother effing crap, we have the most epic scene in the works. We paired Shawna Lenee and Diana Doll together in a 2 Chicks Same Time. I don’t know about you, but 2CST is quickly becoming one of my favorite sites. Look how hot these girls look lying together on the bed, imagine what they are going to look like hooking up! If I were there, I would have climbed into bed with them too ;)

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Oh My Gatos, Lazos De Amor is finally here!

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What do you get when you and a bunch of your friends head to Mexico for a destination wedding? Well, you probably have one or five shots of tequila (wearing a sombrero ofcourse) and end up doing the robot in the streets- or maybe that’s just me? But when Naughty America goes to Mexico for a destination wedding, we make sexy time all over the place! High Five!

Part 1 of Lazos De Amor features the ultimate MILF, Joclyn Stone with her ultimate BUSH! She seduces her sons friend Pete, who happens to be the groom, on this destination wedding in a soon to be classic My Friends Hot Mom.

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