road trip part 2

I am back in San Diego after a long week of heat, interviews, good food and Ryan’s chain smoking. From Las Vegas we went to Los Angeles and wrapped up our footage with Paige and had a lovely birthday dinner with Jason in honor of his 21st birthday. lol

Here we are doing shots of Ass Juice at the Double Down Saloon, the self proclaimed Happiest Place on Earth. It is actually the darkest seediest place on earth… located near the Hard Rock in Las Vegas. They sell sunglasses for $10 so when you discover you have been there all night and it is now dawn, you can protect  your eyes from the glaring sun. Excellent bar for vampires. And here is Paige being a dork because she is such a die-hard Sox fan.

This is Paige, the girl who lost her room key and forgot her pants. Oh wait, no, that is her dress. HA!

We celebrated Jason’s birthday at the Cliff’s Edge in LA,the food was pretty good, the raspberry mojitos were awesome!