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Behind the scenes at Becca Blossoms' first porn shoot ever!

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A little backstory: Becca Blossoms approached us at one of our fan appreciation parties in Chicago, wanting to know how she could break into the adult industry. She was so cute and sexy that we couldn’t resist! Of course, we had to document this historic moment!


Check out her full scene on Naughty America, or get more insight into Becca’s journey from nice Midwestern girl to the hottest new MILF on The Naughty American, our online academic journal.


Naughty America Direct beta invites going out!

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Naughty America Direct is a brand new way to securely purchase and download the hottest adult entertainment from your favorite porn studios and content producers.

Only pay for the scenes you want. No hidden subscriptions, no contracts, and no re-bills. With DRM-free content from your favorite studios, you can now watch your adult entertainment anywhere you like.

We’re proud to say the first batch of beta invites has gone out! We’ll be inviting more people every day, so head over to and sign up for the waiting list!


Sorry for the blog downtime!

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Ladies and gentlemen,

You may have noticed the blog has been up and down over the last few days. We had a problem with our version control system which caused some mish-mashery in the blog software. The issue has been fully resolved, and we sincerely apologize if the downtime has affected your workday reading habits.


road trip part 2

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I am back in San Diego after a long week of heat, interviews, good food and Ryan’s chain smoking. From Las Vegas we went to Los Angeles and wrapped up our footage with Paige and had a lovely birthday dinner with Jason in honor of his 21st birthday. lol

Here we are doing shots of Ass Juice at the Double Down Saloon, the self proclaimed Happiest Place on Earth. It is actually the darkest seediest place on earth… located near the Hard Rock in Las Vegas. They sell sunglasses for $10 so when you discover you have been there all night and it is now dawn, you can protect  your eyes from the glaring sun. Excellent bar for vampires. And here is Paige being a dork because she is such a die-hard Sox fan.

This is Paige, the girl who lost her room key and forgot her pants. Oh wait, no, that is her dress. HA!

We celebrated Jason’s birthday at the Cliff’s Edge in LA,the food was pretty good, the raspberry mojitos were awesome!




on the road….

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Last Friday while I was in LA on set, I was lucky to catch Puma Swede in town and we had dinner. Puma and I are good friends but rarely get to see each other because we are both so busy. We pigged out at one of those all-you-can-eat Brazilian places and had some good laughs with her fiancee,  British performer, Keiran Lee, and my civilian friend Alex. He is Brazilian and informed me that eating at a place like Fogo de Chao is similar to me eating at Denny’s. LOL Oh well sorry, Alex!








On Sunday morning I hopped on a very early flight with Paige (you remember her from the “what are you doing for NA day” interviews) and Ryan (resident tech guru, cameraman, editor, jack of all trades). We went to the Hilton to check out the Star Trek convention and to catch some interviews with some Trekkies. That was interesting to say the least. Footage will be up in a few days.













On Monday we hit the tail end of the Gumball 3000 rally. Got some footage of these super awesome cars and spoke to two of the drivers. We are also working on some more street interviews from the city of Sin and we have a big surprise in store if we can pull it off :)










We snapped a quick pic of Carlton from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Someone dared Paige to go ask him to do the dance, but we had an agenda and didn’t feel like getting kicked out of the hotel for harassing famous people! HA! We are here for a few more days, then off to Los Angeles for more fun and debauchery!

Enjoy these pics, more tomorrow!











bye bye!