Newbie Becca Blossoms

Today was the very first shoot for a  woman we met at our fan appreciation party in Chicago back in May. While we were at the party she had approached me about working for us and said that she had been wanting to do it for a while now and was hoping to maybe do her first scene for Naughty America! Of course I would love to shoot an adorable MILF for one of our many websites that showcases the amazing talents of older women! This is a dream come true for me :)

About a month ago we began making plans to have her come to LA to shoot for us. She did an amazing job… she was vocal and knew how to move, and she nailed the dialogue and the character development perfectly! We bring her back tomorrow for a live webcam show and another hot scene.

This is Bobby Fairfield hard at work preparing for the article on Becca’s debut coming up soon on The Naughty American.

Today on set was Brian’s birthday and of course the ever-so-bubbly Production Managers Anna and Yesenia!

Anyways, another fun day on set at NA… stay tuned for more footage of this hottie from the Midwest.