Team Building

Recently our company went through an exciting departmental restructuring. Changes were made in order to increase productivity and help the flow of communication between managers and the executives. With these changes I added a few new people to the already amazing team of managers that I have working for me. Yesterday I decided to say thank you to them for being so awesome and I took them to opening day at the Del Mar race track. The thing about opening day is that everyone dresses up and the women wear fancy hats. There were a ton of cougars there and a lot of really beautiful people dressed inappropriately for the activity at hand. I am not a hat kind of girl, so you can see how out of place I look. Oh well.

Lauren: She is my right hand woman and runs the show. (check her out in her short black dress! HOT)

Yesenia: Production manager for the LA crew (the spicy Latina in the white dress)

StarGirl: Content team manger, responsibile for QC and a ton of pre-production stuff (borrowed a hat from her Dad for the day)

Ernesto: Manager of the editing department (you might know him as Kumar from the lunch chats)

Ryan: Technical guru, and Project Manager for a cool new project we are working on (he is the one dressed like he works at Cheesecake Factory)

Jason: Producer for our gay company Suite 703 (the hot bald guy)

We took the Surfliner up to Del Mar and enjoyed a glass of wine at the crack of 11:00 am. Stopped off at Pizza Port in Solana Beach and waited for Jason and Yesenia to arrive on their train a little bit after ours.

Lauren’s stupid hat kept getting in my face.

StarGirl and I are the only smart girls there who wore Converse instead of stripper shoes.


After the races we went to the Fish Market and had a delicious meal of oysters, ahi, crab legs, calamari, and a whole bunch of other really yummy food.

I wanted to say thanks again to all of them for being so on the ball all the time and working so hard. Their dedication and loyalty to this company shows and I am really blessed to have such amazing people on my team.

XOXO – Laura