Red Circle Lounge

Our good friend owns this super hip nightclub in downtown San Diego and we decided to have a Naughty America night last Thursday. Bottle service, a VIP section and some good ole fashioned debauchery on a weeknight!  We were “recruiting” for a new project we are working on, but to be  honest, I don’t think I spoke to anyone there other than the new Naughty America employees that I was trying to get to know. StarGirl forgot her business cards and took a stack of mine, but I don’t know that she accomplished anything either because she ducked out early to go hang out with her new booty call.

Either way, we had a blast and got some cool photos for you to enjoy. The highlight of my night was talking to Sandy about how she can shove her whole fist in her tiny little mouth! (The next day she was in the Naughty Lunch Chat showing us her skills, if you caught it you were probably as impressed as I was)

Anyways, I just wanted to share these pics with you and let you know that we love our jobs. We really do work at a Naughty Office and love hanging with each other outside of work. Good times!



StarGirl, Laura and Sandy Tommy (on the right) Affiliate Department

Hot go-go dancerDaryl Ryan (tech guru) and Sandy (editing)


Sandy and LauraFusion and his hot GF