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Naughty America at Comic-Con 2008

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Here at Naughty America, we all have a little bit of nerdiness at heart. Among our employees, we have rabid fans of everything from Battlestar Galactica to Iron Man to Star Trek to America’s Next Top Model.

Our very own super cutie Vanessa (aka VSquad) took some time to head down to Comic-Con 2008 in San Diego to find out what some of our favorite heroes and supervillains had to say about their personal sex lives. What can we say, we were curious!


Full-Length Streaming Flash Videos

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Hey everyone. It’s Jason – Director of Technology for Naughty America. We’ve had a ton of requests for this particular feature so we’ve recently added full-length streaming flash videos to our members area! All members now have access to this feature on all of our latest updates/scenes. Take a look at the video below for info on how to locate and play our full videos right in your browser without having to download the entire video first. Enjoy!


Reviews for movies from Comic Con!

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Comic Con 2008 was crazy! Seriously the line for the Heroes panel was three miles long. People were taking cabs just to get to the end of the line. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend that panel, but I did hear they previewed the entire first episode of seasons 3: Villains. Actually I wasn’t able to attend any Comic Con panels, which is unfortunate. In the past years I was able to see previews for new shows…like Chuck or Pushing Daisies…but this year the lines were too crazy. Instead I decided to see a few movie premieres.


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Newbie Becca Blossoms

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Today was the very first shoot for a  woman we met at our fan appreciation party in Chicago back in May. While we were at the party she had approached me about working for us and said that she had been wanting to do it for a while now and was hoping to maybe do her first scene for Naughty America! Of course I would love to shoot an adorable MILF for one of our many websites that showcases the amazing talents of older women! This is a dream come true for me :)

About a month ago we began making plans to have her come to LA to shoot for us. She did an amazing job… she was vocal and knew how to move, and she nailed the dialogue and the character development perfectly! We bring her back tomorrow for a live webcam show and another hot scene.

This is Bobby Fairfield hard at work preparing for the article on Becca’s debut coming up soon on The Naughty American.

Today on set was Brian’s birthday and of course the ever-so-bubbly Production Managers Anna and Yesenia!

Anyways, another fun day on set at NA… stay tuned for more footage of this hottie from the Midwest.



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By Ayn Carrillo-Gailey

I was unsure of what to expect when I bought this book. I didn’t really think that I would expand my already porn-friendly horizons, yet I felt compelled to buy it….maybe to enlighten myself on how a woman goes through her whole life being afraid of porn.
The author is accused of being “pornophobic” by her boyfriend and she sets out to prove him wrong. She starts a to-do list of things she can do to help her understand why men buy porn and what it is that draws seemingly intelligent men to it. Obsessed with list-making and challenged by criticism, this is her exploration of all things naughty.
It is an easy read and hilariously funny at times. Even though it can be considered a “chick book” (like some men call emotionally heavy films “chick-flicks”) I highly recommend this book to anyone who has an uptight woman in their life. Do you have to hide your NA membership from your wife or girlfriend? Does your best girlfriend think you are addicted to porn and squirm at the thought of attending a strip club? Does your female roommate flip out when you want to watch HBO’s “Cathouse”? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you must read this book and have her read it as well. Trust me when I say that it will change her life and she will no longer feel like the sex industry is dirty or perverse. If the uptight author can get past her issues, then your wife or girlfriend can too.
I bought 30 copies of this book for my colleagues and friends, and told them all to read it and pass it along to anyone in their life that might be a little squeamish about what we do for a living. If we can get through to more women each and every day, then the world will be a happier and naughtier place!
You can also find her work at The Naughty Knitters.


Team Building

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Recently our company went through an exciting departmental restructuring. Changes were made in order to increase productivity and help the flow of communication between managers and the executives. With these changes I added a few new people to the already amazing team of managers that I have working for me. Yesterday I decided to say thank you to them for being so awesome and I took them to opening day at the Del Mar race track. The thing about opening day is that everyone dresses up and the women wear fancy hats. There were a ton of cougars there and a lot of really beautiful people dressed inappropriately for the activity at hand. I am not a hat kind of girl, so you can see how out of place I look. Oh well.

Lauren: She is my right hand woman and runs the show. (check her out in her short black dress! HOT)

Yesenia: Production manager for the LA crew (the spicy Latina in the white dress)

StarGirl: Content team manger, responsibile for QC and a ton of pre-production stuff (borrowed a hat from her Dad for the day)

Ernesto: Manager of the editing department (you might know him as Kumar from the lunch chats)

Ryan: Technical guru, and Project Manager for a cool new project we are working on (he is the one dressed like he works at Cheesecake Factory)

Jason: Producer for our gay company Suite 703 (the hot bald guy)

We took the Surfliner up to Del Mar and enjoyed a glass of wine at the crack of 11:00 am. Stopped off at Pizza Port in Solana Beach and waited for Jason and Yesenia to arrive on their train a little bit after ours.

Lauren’s stupid hat kept getting in my face.

StarGirl and I are the only smart girls there who wore Converse instead of stripper shoes.


After the races we went to the Fish Market and had a delicious meal of oysters, ahi, crab legs, calamari, and a whole bunch of other really yummy food.

I wanted to say thanks again to all of them for being so on the ball all the time and working so hard. Their dedication and loyalty to this company shows and I am really blessed to have such amazing people on my team.

XOXO – Laura



Red Circle Lounge

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Our good friend owns this super hip nightclub in downtown San Diego and we decided to have a Naughty America night last Thursday. Bottle service, a VIP section and some good ole fashioned debauchery on a weeknight!  We were “recruiting” for a new project we are working on, but to be  honest, I don’t think I spoke to anyone there other than the new Naughty America employees that I was trying to get to know. StarGirl forgot her business cards and took a stack of mine, but I don’t know that she accomplished anything either because she ducked out early to go hang out with her new booty call.

Either way, we had a blast and got some cool photos for you to enjoy. The highlight of my night was talking to Sandy about how she can shove her whole fist in her tiny little mouth! (The next day she was in the Naughty Lunch Chat showing us her skills, if you caught it you were probably as impressed as I was)

Anyways, I just wanted to share these pics with you and let you know that we love our jobs. We really do work at a Naughty Office and love hanging with each other outside of work. Good times!



StarGirl, Laura and Sandy Tommy (on the right) Affiliate Department

Hot go-go dancerDaryl Ryan (tech guru) and Sandy (editing)


Sandy and LauraFusion and his hot GF


Live Chat with Austin Kincaid!

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Austin Kincaid, will be joining us on our Live Chat Tuesday, July 15th at 12:00 PST. You won’t want to miss the chance to interact in our exclusive Members Only chat and watch Austin strip, tease and play with her self all while you watch, listen and participate in the action! To view the latest scenes from Austin, you can check her out at Naughty America.


Naughtiness July 3rd

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What did I do on Naughty America Day???

A) I had sex on my boss’s desk.

B) I had anal sex on my boss’s desk.

C) I had anal sex with my boss on his desk.

D) None of the above, I worked late and drank wine in my office.



Something special in the works

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Happy Naughty America Day!

Our code monkeys have been locked in their darkened cages, living on nothing but Red Bull and caffeinated gum and working hard on a brand new product called Naughty America Direct. It’s all very secret right now, but if you’d like to get in on a sneak peek beta go to and sign up for an invite. We’ll be sending them out over the next few weeks on a first come, first served basis.

In the meantime, here are some teaser screenshots:

Stay tuned to the blog or follow us at for updates!