Happy Memorial Day & Back from Chicago!

Ladies & Gents,

Spending time with those of you that came to celebrate Chicago’s role in putting the “Naughty” in America was pure pleasure. I honestly thought there would have been more people that attended but maybe on our next visit more of you will come out to join us.

I must say, the Celebs that joined us on our trip were class acts. As you would expect, they are all a little quirky, sweet as sugar and loads of fun. I really wish more of you had the chance to come and meet them…it was worth the trip (ask the two guys that came from Ohio.) The Celebs love you as much as you love them and getting to know them makes viewing their scenes that much more enjoyable and personal.

The most interesting part of meeting the Celebs is seeing what they are like off the screen…its a 1 of a kind experience.