Announcing the Naughty America blog

Yeah, yeah, we know we’re announcing the blog after there are already posts on it.

First off, allow myself to introduce…. myself. I’m Jarin, the R&D Director here at Naughty America, and my job is to develop software prototypes and find new business opportunities for the company. I’m helped by my trusty senior developer Alex, among others. Other people you’ll probably be hearing from soon are Andreas, our CEO and fearless leader; Laura, our producer; Stargirl, our chief party girl and head of quality control and script writing; Tim, the head of the web department and our Rock of Gibraltar; Xix, lead web developer (who works 8 days a week); Jason, customer support manager extraordinaire; and probably others.

Anyway, you’ve been asking for an easy way to keep up with the latest announcements and happenings in Naughty America, so here it is! Plus, you don’t even have to check back here to stay up to date. You can subscribe to our RSS feed in your favorite feed reader or email client, or you can follow us on Twitter. We’ll try to keep the blog pretty work-safe.

Also, please be sure to check out The Naughty American, our online academic journal. It’s a really fantastic publication that will be getting a much needed design overhaul in the near future.