Post Script: Day Two, Manhattan – Brooklyn

I woke up feeling like a pile of dogshit at 11 a.m.,… missed about 14 phone calls from Abbey Brooks’ agent…. Evidently, they didn’t get the address of the hotel from me, and I forgot to give it to them, so when she arrived at 5:00 a.m. and I had my phone on silent,… well,… she was SOL at JFK until they reached Mika Tan.

I felt so so horrible, but Abbey is cool and she didn’t beat me too badly when she saw me. We rallied the troops and went to get some pizza at a place called Pronto near our hotel. After chowing down, we took cabs to our hotel in Brooklyn, where we ran into Ava Devine in the lobby. (So sad she is retired!)

The staff went over to the 507 Bar and Grill in Williamsburg to set up. Ace showed up an hour late, as usual. We were kind of stressing at this point and getting back to the hotel, showered, and dressed – not to mention getting something to eat – became a race against time.

We knew there would be fans there right at 8:00 p.m. and mingled with the people that arrived as soon as the party started. We had some good one-on-one time with some www.naughtycountryclub.com (NCC) lurkers. (You know who you are and better start posting!)

Excitement was in the air when word spread that the girls were in the limo and on their way. When they arrived, the people on the street pretty much just stopped dead in their tracks and stared at them. They showed up looking utterly amazing. The wind was blowing just a little bit and I swear they looked like they were on a goddamn Victoria’s secret fashion shoot. I got the chills.

There was a little couch outside, where they sat down for some press photos…. I thought I could sit down with them for a cute photo op, but it turned into a “Lets rape Laura session.” That’s why I wear pants to these events LOL.

Angelina walked in first, dancing, twirling, groping, hugging, shaking hands, and kissing fans like she owned the fucking place. Seriously,… it was surreal. The five of them took the bar by storm and the guys’ jaws fell to the ground. Eyes were wide open…. Ava was in the kitchen, deep-throating a cucumber within minutes. Then it went into another orifice and let’s just say it wasn’t her ear.

Soon it became the Angelina Valentine show! She was gyrating on the tables giving quite a performance. At one point she had her legs bent back over her head in a position that I didn’t even know was possible. Alexis tried to get on the table with her but was concerned it wouldn’t hold them both. After all, she has that big booty!

After Angelina finished her show and after she had about 27 more shots, well, it was time for bed. She gave us the experience of a lifetime for the two hours she was there.

The combination of the girls’ personalities was just the perfect mix for the night. Every one of them spent quality time with their fans and it was like the girls were just chilling at a party! You want to dirty dance with Alexis? You want Ava to grab your junk? You want to make out with Abbey Brooks? You want to play RockBand with Mika Tan? You want to throw back some tequila with Angelina? I am not saying THIS WILL happen to you, but ya never know!

I had so much fun running around and taking pictures and talking to everyone about who their favorite girl was and what they loved about Naughty America. I love my job! Where else would I get to drink cocktails with porn stars and be surrounded by horny guys all night long!? HA! AND get paid for it!? Are you kidding me!?

We stayed at the bar until about 3:00 a.m. By then, our feet were killing us in our high heels and quite frankly I had had enough vodka presses.… Thanks to Kathleen for making them exactly perfect by the end of the night.

We caught a cab (see photo of the easiest way to catch a taxi at 3:00 a.m. in Brooklyn) and went back to the hotel. Somehow a 12 pack of warm beer ended up in my room and we ordered some crappy, greasy diner food and finished the night with some good laughs and stories.

At 6:00 a.m., when the sun was rising, I woke up to the annoying ringer on my phone … I still had my clothes and glasses on and was very confused and thirsty. King (the boss man) was calling to see how everything went. I was very sad he couldn’t make it and told him if we ever do this again there was no chance I would allow him to miss it.

Words cannot describe the mayhem and the excitement of the weekend.

A special shout out to Grandizer for coming all the way from Boston to hang out with us.… He has been a long time subscriber, along with Guy-On-Couch, and they have been loyal fans of NA for years. They come to the shows and, hell, sometimes we put them to work while they are there. Our #1 and #2 fans: GOC has been to more shows, but Grandizer always sends me birthday gifts, so I go back and forth over who is 1 or 2 at any given moment. Seriously, though, I wanted to thank both of them for their support and continual honest feedback over the years.