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Buenos Aires Recap

Posted by nablogger

I started planning the trip to Buenos Aires just about 8 weeks ago and it was utter chaos from start to finish. The planning was rushed, the girls I had lined up kept disappearing, I couldn’t get the apartment people to call me back, the flights were expensive and once the crew finally departed they were turned back mid-flight because of a volcano in Chile! Yesenia, Brian, Eric Swiss and Allan Stafford got to spend a glorious 40 hours together before they landed in Argentina. Eric Masterson had family in town so he had planned showing up a day later anyways, so they landed at pretty much the same exact time. They were ready to kill each other.

An act of God, 2 days of lost luggage, one sick actor and we finally started shooting a day late. The girls didn’t speak a lot of English so working it into the scenes was a little tricky. We had some young cuties and some hot women that were really sexy and really professional. They all seemed to dig on the American actors. Even the creepy ones. HAHA J/K guys!

FTNA Sindy LeeLAD Ana ToucheLAD Lola De Valle

crewLAD Any Brian, Me and Charles Dera

I showed up during the second half of the trip with 3 new guys, Chris Johnson (a new young’un we have been using in a lot of FTNA and MFST scenes lately), Christian and my loverboy Charles Dera. I was there basically to make sure things were running smooth and see if they needed any help. We had a day off right away so all of us went to a Boca Juniors soccer game vs. Atlas which happened to be my photographer’s team from Guadalajara. Boooo. I don’t know if any of you have ever been to a futbol match, but I highly recommend it. I had been to one in BA back in 2003 when I came to shoot here for our latin maid site. My colleagues dragged me to a Racing game and this time around I was lucky to catch the Boca Juniors play. They have the biggest fan base out of all the Buenos Aires soccer clubs and the energy there was so intense. Yesenia was having such a blast! The band plays during the entire game and the fans jump up and down and chant non- stop. Literally. They never quit. We were safely transported in and out of the venue by a company that caters to foreigners, because quite frankly, if you don’t know the ins and outs of how to do this… be very very careful. It can be nutty.

Boca Juniors vs Atlasfans

The meals were amazing, we ate steak and meat the whole time and drank delicious Malbec every night. It was great eating late and staying up late for those of us who are night owls. Getting up and hauling your ass to set in the morning is another story. Long days, but the caterers made it worth it. I swear I must have gained 10 pounds in the week I was there from the ridiculous pastries and constant food being served. In Argentina (like a lot of Europe, too) they eat croissants with ham and cheese on them at all hours of the day. The difference here is that there is a sugary coating on the little sandwiches which makes it like dessert with your meal in every bite. Crack I tell ya!

Dinner at a crappy placecateringeat all day!Flan

Other highlights were going to the stripper bar and watching a bunch of people in the adult entertainment business ogle over half naked women. It always amazes me that the people I work with in all aspects of this job flock to places like this. I tried to stop this from happening but I was outnumbered and honestly didn’t want to hear shit about being the prude. I guess the actors I brought there truly can’t get enough. Ok it was Yesenia, too, that little tramp. I would have been happy in the Irish bar listening to the band but I was coerced into the strip bar called Shampoo. What a weird name for a strip bar.

On Saturday I escaped set early and went to a couple of open air flea markets and the weather was just wonderful the whole time we were there. It was unusually warm for this time of year and did not rain one drop. I got some trinkets and went back to Eric and Yesenia’s apartment for a BBQ since Eric was adamant that we eat before midnight at least once. Not so much! At 12 pm our hosts finished cooking the most amazing spread of blood sausage, pork, steak, and ribs. Someone mentioned that there are no vegetables in Argentina because they feed all of them to the cows. So true. The best beef in the world and I prefer it MUY JUGOSO.

Sebastien our PA and chef for the night Muy JugosoSize Matters

On Sunday Christian and I ran around the city doing a little bit sightseeing. I knew of some cool places to go since I had been there before and we did some shopping and went back to the apartment to pack up and catch our 9:50 pm flight back to the USA. The others were shooting all day and leaving on Monday evening. All in all I think the trip was a success and I am looking forward to your feedback about the models we worked with. The crew busted their asses and the actors were great as usual and we all got to know each other a little bit better. We shared some hilarious times, some bumps in the night, and made good friends down there. Stay tuned for some hot latina scenes coming up in the next few months.

Puerto MaderaView from Apartment Recoleta CemetaryCute!


New commenting system!

Posted by nablogger

We’ve added a new threaded comment system to the blog, powered by Disqus.

You can now:

  • Reply to comments
  • Give comments thumbs up or down
  • Maintain your avatar and identity across this blog, The Naughty American’s Liveblog, and any other site that uses Disqus
  • Comment like you’ve never commented before (with video replies!)

Please let us know what you think!

Note: the Disqus comments will only show up for new posts, the old posts will still use the old comment system.


Do you like me better blonde or brunette?

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Just wondering because there has been A LOT of talk about it around the office.  :)

Thank you for indulging my completely self-absorbed moment … kisses, StarGirl :)


Vagina Envy

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Earlier today when I was in a closed door meeting with StarGirl there was a knock at the door. Andreas, at that exact moment, wanted to know what it was like for us as women to have sex. He wanted to know how it felt to be penetrated in our vaginas. I was like “Seriously, you interrupted us for this?” But whatever, it was going to be a good one, I could tell. I told him it was warm and squishy and it felt good when the penis went in. I mean, what else am I going to say? Before I could elaborate or before StarGirl had a chance to respond, Lauren came flying in to discuss.

I explained to him that it would be a very different experience than having a penis because you dont really have any control of what is happening. I mean, of course, if a woman is on top, there is a certain amount of control, but really if you have a vagina, you are sitting there waiting for the penis to do it’s thing. I told him how much I wanted a penis because then I could just have all kinds of fun and I would play with it all day at my desk. StarGirl agreed that she really wanted to have a penis even if for just one day… and Lauren said she would fuck anything and everything if she had a penis for just one day.

Having a vagina is a very different experience than having a penis because you are at the mercy of the penis. The penis can come and go as it pleases and your vagina just has to wait. The vagina has power until the penis enters and then the penis has all the power.

Interesting conversation. Well worth being interrupted.

[For more on penis power: - Jarin]


Naughty America Summer Party Schedule

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Here’s what you’ve all been waiting for … our party schedule for the summer!





So plan your summer vacation accordingly … Naughty America is coming to town!

And don’t forget about our BIG CONTEST!!! going on this summer and ending the day after Labor Day. You can win tickets to the Detroit party! :-)


The prodigal coffee maker returns!

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Jason is happy!

If things seem like they’ve been a little quiet lately, it’s probably because our Capresso grind and brew machine broke down. However, at long last it has returned to bestow us with its sweet nectar of life and productivity.

As you can see, Jason is happy!


Do women buy porn?

Posted by nablogger

Do women buy porn? Probably not. If they do, its with a boyfriend, husband, with a friend or as a gift for a party.


I don’t know.  Maybe they feel silly if they actually intend to use it and not as a gift. It’s probably the same feeling a guy gets when he buys his first pack of condoms.

If they do, we know what they are buying:)


Happy Memorial Day & Back from Chicago!

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Ladies & Gents,

Spending time with those of you that came to celebrate Chicago’s role in putting the “Naughty” in America was pure pleasure. I honestly thought there would have been more people that attended but maybe on our next visit more of you will come out to join us.

I must say, the Celebs that joined us on our trip were class acts. As you would expect, they are all a little quirky, sweet as sugar and loads of fun. I really wish more of you had the chance to come and meet them…it was worth the trip (ask the two guys that came from Ohio.) The Celebs love you as much as you love them and getting to know them makes viewing their scenes that much more enjoyable and personal.

The most interesting part of meeting the Celebs is seeing what they are like off the screen…its a 1 of a kind experience.



The Chicago party has kicked off!

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The girls have arrived in their limo and it’s on!

Follow the action at

If you’re a Naughty America member, you can watch the party LIVE at (thanks to BitGravity for the streaming setup).

For those who aren’t members, here are some teasers (click for larger images):


It has begun!

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It has begun!! Reports are starting to come in from our Chicago party crew! You can follow the action on the Liveblog or follow us on Twitter to get updates whenever there’s a new post.

If the last party was any indication, this should be a wild and crazy weekend in the windy city!