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Post Script: Day One, Manhattan

Posted by nablogger

Before taking the red-eye to New York, I met a couple of friends for a little sushi and sake before I got on the plane. Needless to say, after another 2 drinks on the plane I was out cold,… which, of course, was the perfect opportunity for StarGirl and Lauren to bust out the silver Sharpie and write on my fucking face. I caught them halfway through the heart they were making. Those bitches!

We landed at 6:00 a.m. and right after I changed my phone to EST I had a total blonde moment. I called the CFO of the company in San Diego to tell him we had landed. I forgot we were four hours ahead. What a friggin’ airhead!

We attempted to check into our hotel but of course only one room was available so we piled into Michelle’s room and everyone passed out wherever they could find a pillow. Incidentally, Leopard J. Ferry and Ace shared a bed. When I went to their room, the pillows were on opposite ends of the bed, but I suspect they spooned.

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